Bamboo Charcoal Natural Water Purifier and Filter

Bamboo charcoal is better known as a home air purifier, but it has other uses as well. One of its best alternative uses is as a natural water purifier and filter for you tap or bottled water. It makes for an excellent water purifier and filter for some of the same reasons as it makes for a good air filter, plus some added benefits.

The porous nature of bamboo charcoal, combined with its activated carbon nature makes it able to absorb impurities from your water, such as added chemicals which are usually to clean your water and leave a nasty taste. You can either leave the charcoal in water for around six hours or have a bamboo charcoal filter in place of a water filter to achieve the same effects. After purifying your water, be sure to leave the charcoal out in the sun for a few hours to recharge it so it can be used again.

Using bamboo charcoal as a natural water purifier and filter has some literally added benefits as well. The charcoal will not only absorb the impurities, but will actually release minerals like calcium into the water, turning tap water or bottled water into mineral water. These minerals are ones that your body needs and is often forgotten about, so having it right in your water is a definite benefit. It also makes the water taste a lot better; so much so that even purificadoras de agua en Guadalajara your kids will prefer it over the regular old water. It also helps make tea taste better too; some tea testers have found that Chinese tea tastes more authentic with a bamboo water purifier.

Bamboo charcoal is best used with either bottled water or cleaner tap water. It enhances the cleanliness already done in the water by a plant, as well as the taste. However, it works fine in straight tap water too, though you won’t get the ‘fizz’ sensation on the tip of your tongue like you would with bottled water, nor will it have quite the same flavor bang. However, it works fine at removing the impurities which is the most important benefit anyway.

Bamboo charcoal water purifiers and filters are also completely natural and eco friendly, meaning that you’re not only helping the environment, but your own health too. There are no chemicals used or even anything other than good minerals added, so you know that you’re doing yourself good, not running the risk of doing yourself harm.

A bamboo charcoal water purifier and filter is the best way to get natural mineral water without paying an arm and a leg for it. Instead, you get it right in your home without any effort. You’ll have cleaner, tastier, healthier water and the charcoal is renewable for up to a year, so you won’t be constantly replacing filters. In short, if you’re looking for a way to create the best water in your home, you should buy a bamboo charcoal water purifier and filter. You family and your body will thank you for it.


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